] Lunar Mansion: Acknowledgements

I thank intensely and in not much of an order:

    Ahne Salmen, my mom and dear friend. Thank you for your enduring support, the lessons
you've taught, the kick-ass Halloween costumes you made, the confidence you've instilled,
and all the creativity you've unleashed.  And thanks for becoming a cat person.  You are
sooo going to become the neighborhood cat lady!!

    Thank you to my family, for the values of honesty, integrity, respect, and humour 
which were all taught by example  Thank you Mama Kekka for my name and for protecting me
always. Thank you to The Ganglion for ...wow...for everything...all the love and for 
stepping into Grammie's slippers.

    Joel Radcliffe, mentor and master binder.  Thank you for calibrating my myopic eyes 
to measure eighths of inches without (okay, with LITTLE...) failure, for schooling my 
head and my hands, for opening doors to veiled worlds, and all the good times rocking out
to the Stones down in the nude bindery.

   Swante Jauch, my partner and best-of-all-friend.  I've learned so much about how to 
be myself at my best from you.  Your dedication to BiaXial Creep helps to fuel my own 
drive.  Your music inspires my soul and my imagination.  You never let me down... unless 
it involves vacuuming or cleaning the cat box, but hey--you can't have everything, right? 
You catch the most shit from me bar none--thank you for forgiving me those moments and
serving as a safety wall to the rest of humanity.  They'd thank you too if they only knew!

    The Princess Anastasia, my sweetest friend, my sub-species companion.  As I write this
you are draped in my lap, purring and swishing your lovely tail.  Thank you for being my
familiar, my little white shadow.

    Cell Divisioners--each and every one.  Thank you Blackfly, creator and destroyer of worlds, for this gorgeous site.  Thank you Iko for Lunar Mansion's graphic identity.  Thank you LoRez
for the most luscious visuals in town.  Thank you ALL--Sarah, Juno, Eff-Head, Alan, Denki, Mike
for inspiration, true rock- solid friendship, for making the world a better place through your
intensity and integrity.  You don't fuck around--now pass the whiskey!!

    Abraham y Erica, mi hermano y hermanita, mi familia.

  Anne Engelhardt, where ever you are.  How could either of us have known what a huge influence
you would have.  It just seemed like a summer job at the time...Thank you for my passage to
Europe and for inadvertently guiding my steps to find the very path I so love now.

    Mike Hollenbeck, my oldest friend.  We've been through it all together--pretty amazing, no?
And thank you for remembering details about my own life that I've forgotten.  Thank you for
never letting me down...ever.   You cleaned my toilet--that was 2 years ago and it still
resonates with me!  Says a lot, to clean a person's commode.

    Thank you to the crew at The Elysian.  I've loved working with you these four years.
Thank you for being my surrogate dysfunctional family. Thank you for all the help, creativity,
and time poured in to Over My Naked Body. It could not have happened without you.  Thank you.
So much!

    I probably should thank more people--I've been so fortunate in finding influence and love
and I've only been around 29 years.  Hot damn!! Thanks again to those above, and thank you
(and please forgive me) to those I've forgotten at this wee hour.

all LM images © LunarMansion 2004.
original imagery & photography © Nathan Bultman
ballroom image property of Wincheter House,
used without permission.